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General FAQ

Where do you provide services?

Lake Mary Bankruptcy and Consumer Attorney - Law Office of Alex McClure

My office is located at 255 Primera Boulevard, Suite 160 Lake Mary, FL 32746 which is in Seminole County right off of exit 98 on I4. I represent consumers in Chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies in Florida's Middle District Orlando Division which includes Brevard, Lake, Seminole, Orange, Osceola and Volusia counties.

I represent consumers in those same counties and cities in my other practice areas as well. Where you physically reside almost always determines where you will need to file (for bankruptcy clients) and where you will likely be sued (for unsecured debts like medical and credit cards). In a mortgage foreclosure the suit is brought in the county where the property is physically located.

Just as I keep my practice areas narrow and focused I prefer to keep my geographic service area focused as well. This is because most of the work I do has at least some portion of litigation or physical appearance required and this allows me to remain familiar with the local rules,  judges, and customs in a particular region. Through years of litigation practice, I have found that this enhances the quality of representation I am able to provide to my clients.

How much do your services cost?

This is like asking how long a piece of string is. It depends on many factors and circumstances related to the nature of your situation.

Most of the legal services I offer are based on an up-front flat fee. This is more a function of the legal market surrounding the type of law I practice rather than a personal preference of mine. Therefore, you will likely find that services most attorneys practicing law in this area are offered on a similar basis.

While I am aware that the general nature of your problems is financial, you will likely want to think carefully about choosing legal counsel based solely on price. The fees which I charge are extremely competitive with other fees provided by similarly experienced attorneys. This is something that we will discuss during your consultation.

The following information concerns fees and costs associated with bankruptcy:

In addition to any attorneys' fees which you may pay, there are also costs associated with filing for bankruptcy which are separate and distinct from any attorneys' fees paid.

Chapter 7 Filing Fees - $335

Chapter 13 Filing Fees - $310

Mandatory classes – There are 2 required classes needed to complete the bankruptcy process. The fees for both combined run anywhere from $10 - $50 depending on the provider.

Credit Report – There is a fee for pulling your credit report (optional) so that we are working with the most accurate information possible regarding reported debts. $35 for individuals and $55 for joint filers. Although not required, its something that I highly recommend to avoid any “surprises” from debts you may have forgotten about.

The Florida Middle District Bankruptcy Court Fee Schedule can be found here:

Will I have to go to court?

Lake Mary Bankruptcy and Consumer Attorney - Law Office of Alex McClure

In any Florida state court case there is almost always at least one hearing which you are expected to attend, and sometimes several. If you hire an attorney to represent you, he/she will likely attend some or all of these hearings for you and you would need to come only if you are required, or if you simply wish to be present. If you are defending yourself against a wage or bank garnishment you will probably want to testify in your case which means you will almost certainly have to be there in person.

In most bankruptcy cases, you only have to attend a proceeding called the “meeting of creditors” to meet with the bankruptcy trustee and any creditor who chooses to come. Most of the time, this meeting will be a short and simple procedure where you are asked a few questions about your bankruptcy forms and your financial situation. If you hire me to file your bankruptcy case, I will prepare you for and attend this meeting with you. A well prepared and advised bankruptcy filing will anticipate potential problem areas and allow you to be prepared to handle anything that comes your way. This is why people hire attorneys to represent them in bankruptcy.

Occasionally, if complications arise, or if you choose to dispute a debt, you may have to appear at a hearing. In a chapter 13 case, you may also have to appear at a hearing when the judge decides whether your plan should be approved. If you need to go to court, you will receive notice of the court date and time from the court and/or from your attorney. Again, I will prepare you for any hearings which you may need to attend, and I will be there with you as counsel. This is one of the benefits of hiring an attorney to file your bankruptcy case for you.

At the Law Office of Alex McClure, I pride myself on working closely with my clients to provide practical solutions to their consumer debt problems.

I do everything in my power to provide options that my clients didn't even know existed before consulting with me.

Contact the Law Office of Alex McClure today to find out how I can help you create a sustainable financial future for yourself.

The Law Office of Alex McClure provides services in Lake Mary, Sanford, Longwood, Deltona, Deland, Orlando and all of Seminole, Volusia, Orange, Brevard and Lake Counties. 

Solutions For a Sustainable Future

I make every effort to tailor my services to the individual needs of my clients by approaching their issues with an eye towards both their short and long-term goals. I strive to provide solutions which address their immediate concerns and helps them create a realistic and meaningful path towards long term financial sustainability. I look forward to working with you to develop those solutions and help you successfully navigate your consumer legal issues.