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Alex McClure

Alex McClure Central Florida Bankruptcy and Consumer Protection Attorney

LawLytics, the content and marketing company which I employ for this website recently published a "Member Spotlight" where I share some details about my background, my professional experience and my Firm's mission and outlook on the practice of law. You can check it out HERE, or read my blog post on the issue.

I was born and raised in a Pennsylvania suburb just outside of Pittsburgh. After high school I attended California University of Pennsylvania where I earned a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice, with honors. After graduating college in 2004, I moved to St. Petersburg, FL to begin studying law at Stetson University College of Law. I earned my Juris Doctorate in 2007 and was admitted to The Florida Bar that same year.

Over the next nine years I worked in a high-volume creditor's rights law firm representing the interests of creditors and large debt buying companies. Throughout those years I litigated thousands of lawsuits all over Florida from pre-suit negotiations all the way through trial, wage and bank garnishment and sometimes even through the appeals process.

Now, I take all of the experience I gained representing creditors and debt buyers and bring it to your side of the case so you are provided with the quality representation you deserve. I keep the focus of my firm narrow to ensure the highest level of representation and advocacy for my clients by not trying to be a jack of all trades.

I have been a Central Florida resident since 2009 and I am excited to step out of the corporate world and represent the interests of the members of my community utilizing the skills I acquired throughout those years of practice. I truly believe that my community can be well served by the particular experience and insight which I bring to the table.

Lake Mary Bankruptcy and Consumer Attorney - Law Office of Alex McClure

I embrace three key operational principles to help guide and streamline my practice as an attorney.

Practical. I believe that while it's important to explore and entertain all possible rights and remedies regarding your situation; it's also important to assimilate and present that information as straightforward, realistic options for my clients.

Insightful. It is important to me to allow adequate time and resources to process through your case and to make certain that I am considering you and your situation as a whole so that we are not limited by a single, narrow viewpoint. My unique background provides me with the means to employ this perspective in my practice.

Informed. This takes on two meanings for me as a practicing attorney. First, it means that I am up to date regarding the current state of the law, economy, and trends in the consumer finance and credit industry.  Second, it means that I keep my clients informed about their options, their case, and informed about their overall situation as it relates to my legal representation.

I believe that when implemented together, these three principles allow me to provide outstanding care and legal representation to my clients. I look forward to hearing from you so that we can work together to develop practical solutions to help you navigate through your financial difficulties.

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  • Anonymous Recommends Alex McClure

    "Great service. Alex is very honest and worked around our schedule."
  • Anonymous Recommends Alex McClure

    "Alex gave me some great advice that really saved me a lot of time and trouble. Thank you"
  • Anonymous Recommends Alex McClure

    "Mr. Alex McClure represented me recently with a bank account garnishment, and a subsequent claim of exemption hearing. His advice and knowledge were invaluable during this very difficult time and fortunately resulted in a favorable outcome, no doubt due to his assistance, for which I am so grate...
  • "Exceptional Experience"

    "Alex Mcclure is one of the few honest attorneys left. It was an absolute pleasure to speak with Alex. He is authentic and takes a genuine interest in the issue you are experiencing. He took his time in hearing me out and provided me with candid and practical advice. He addressed every concern an...
  • Anonymous Recommends Alex McClure

    "Alex was SO helpful! He took the time to call me back before the weekend to ensure all of my concerns and questions were answered. I really appreciated him taking the time to address each and every question! I would definitely recommend him to anyone needing a lawyer. Thanks again Alex!"
  • "We need more attorneys like Alex McClure!"

    "I recently found myself in need of legal advice and after reading a very well written and informative blog post by attorney Alex McClure I decided to reach out to him directly. Alex was extremely knowledgeable and personable when we spoke and needless to say he was able to help me through my sit...
  • "Thank you Mr. McClure"

    "Mr. McClure took 30m out of his busy day to discuss my case. He provided good advice, I would highly recommend him to anyone. Thanks again Alex"
  • "Garnishment issues"

    "Alex was a breathe of fresh air. Explaining the process and consulted with me about my current issues. I would recommend Alex to anyone who needs some one who is on the job that will answer your calls and work on your case instead of passing it on. I am impressed and am greatful for his professi...
  • "Knowledgeable"

    "I hired Mr. McClure to look at a complex real estate matter. I have worked with different attorneys, and he is one of the best. I recommend him highly without reservation."
  • "Highly recommend!"

    "Alex ia very knowledgeable and he works quick to get information on your case. I did not retain him but he was still helpful and gave me tips to help with my case. I would recommend him to anyone dealing with debt."
  • "Wonderful Experience"

    "Mr. McClure took the time to review my case and spoke with me on the phone for over an hour. He listened to my plight and offered several suggestions. I will be hiring him this week to represent me in my case. I feel he cares about his clients and does what is best for them."
  • "Awesome Lawyer"

    "Alex McClure is an exceptional lawyer. After a brief consultation, i decided to hire him for my case. . In approximately 2 weeks he was able to get a 19 year judgement dismissed on my behalf. I am grateful and pleased at the work he has done. I highly recommend him for any of your judicial needs."
  • "Great service"

    "Alex is very honest and worked around our schedule. Highley reccomend. He provided us with great service. he gave his a really good consultation and was able to help us"
  • "Would highly recommend"

    "After receiving a letter from a debt collector threatening wage garnishment I contacted a couple lawyers whom only seemed interested in having me file for bankruptcy. I was very disappointed by this as I felt filing bankruptcy was an extreme approach to my situation. I came across Alex's website...
  • Anonymous Recommends Alex McClure

    "Anyone reading this I can without any hesitance Highly recommend Attorney Alex Mcclure He is very knowlegable courteous very compassionate He is indeed reassuring.And he will get the job done.Thank you attorney Mcclure"
  • "Knowledgeable professional and kind"

    "Knowledgeable professional and kindIt was an extreme pleasure to speak with Alex. He made me feel comfortable and put me more at ease with my fears in reference to a situation that I had. I highly recommend him and trust me I do my research before I call or even talk to an attorney. I will proba...
  • "Highly Recommend!!"

    "It was an honor getting the help I needed from Alex. He packed me up well with all the information I needed and provided 110% support to my case. I will stay in contact with him if I ever need him again. He genuinely cares and does a great job. I am more than happy with his service. Thank you!"
  • "Great attorney and services!!!"

    "Attorney Alex was excellent handling my garnishments case. It all started after i searched some reviews online. At first, I thought whether the reviews were fake or real, and if hiring an attorney online was a good idea. He had very good reviews and now I know why. I wish I can put all the revie...
  • "Excellent Attorney - Knowledgeable and Caring!"

    "When you find yourself in need of assistance, and have to rely on pretty much just intuition in selecting someone to consult, when it's outside of your knowledge base you feel vulnerable and uneasy walking into that consultation. Is the person really knowledgeable? Will they listen to your needs...
  • "5 stars is not enough"

    "Words cannot express just how great of a job Mr. McClure did. From the very first consultation there was no pressure to hire him, yet he gave me advise as to what the steps would be for my situation and how I should best handle them. He made me feel like I was part of his family in that consulta...
  • "Look no further, there's no better attorney than Alex McClure!"

    "Alex McClure is by far one of the most hard working, knowledgeable, kind-hearted and talented attorneys on the planet. I had found myself in a very stressful and troubling situation regarding a debt collection/garnishment. I felt extremely helpless and had no idea how to move forward. I had spok...
  • "Extremely recomendable"

    "He has a perfect knowlege abd career background to handle bankruptcy and debt litigation I cannot thank him enough!!"
  • "Highly recommend Alex"

    "Alex is extremely knowledgeable in all facets of bankruptcy! He answered all questions, professional, and made the process easy. I highly recommend Alex to represent you."
  • "Bank garnishment"

    "Alex McClure is hands down the attorney you want in a bank garnishment case. He is knowledgeable and professional, and most importantly, he shows empathy for his clients. Anybody that is going though any type of garnishment knows how stressful it can be. Alex was able to put us at ease and got m...
  • "Highly Recommend Alex"

    "I was surprised with a garnishment against my business bank account on a Friday at month-end from a vendor that never bothered to get in touch with me prior to the garnishment. I contacted Alex first thing Monday morning and he was very responsive and found out that they had tried to serve an ol...

    "Alex was awesome. I needed some legal advice and explanations for a property closing on monday. I contacted him on saturday and he made time on that sunday to help me out. his cost was reasonable and his advice was priceless....he saved me from a lot of hassle and headaches...."
  • "Delighted!"

    "I am so pleased with my decision to retain Alex's services. He was so professional and knowledgeable, and he provided great advice and guidance to help me obtain a quick resolution. He also saved me a considerable amount of money and time. I couldn't be happier with the outcome. I enjoyed meetin...
  • "Outstanding"

    "Alex made my whole process a breeze by being extremely thorough and helpful. Hiring Mr. McClure was the best decision I could've made for my case. I'm very pleased."
  • "Excellent work by Alex"

    "Alex was able to negotiate a settlement of $2600 from a judgement amount was $19k. I would strongly recommend Alex McClure. "
  • "Judgement case."

    "I am very happy the way Alex handled my case. Great communication,always available to answer my questions so we could get this Judgement taken care of.I would not hesitate to hire him if I ever need this kind of service in the future.If you have any kind of judgement against you I would recommen...
  • "So glad I chose Alex!"

    "Let me start off by saying that I am someone who will generally check reviews on almost everything I buy or expect a service from. So with that being said, I felt the need to write a great review for Alex. From the beginning, I had a good feeling about Alex. His response to my online inquiry was...
  • "An Awesome Advocate!"

    "I cannot say in a few words how great my experience with Alex was. My organization's bank account was frozen due to a lawsuit from 5 years before in which a summary judgement was filed and no one on the current board was aware of the judgement. Alex examined the case and immediately noticed some...

Solutions For a Sustainable Future

I make every effort to tailor my services to the individual needs of my clients by approaching their issues with an eye towards both their short and long-term goals. I strive to provide solutions which address their immediate concerns and helps them create a realistic and meaningful path towards long term financial sustainability. I look forward to working with you to develop those solutions and help you successfully navigate your consumer legal issues.